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Shipping your freight through GBT LTL offers many benefits that will help your business succeed.


Using our Expedited Linehaul service will get freight from origin to destination faster than standard LTL services. GBT moves directly from pickup to delivery and the trucks carrying the freight rarely stop along the way. 


Shipping your freight though GBT LTL offers many benefits that help your business succeed, such as:


  • Reduced Cost: The biggest benefit of using GBT LTL is the cost. 

  • Environmentally Friendly: The importance of becoming a green business is increasing. LTL freight helps you take a step in the right direction by reducing emissions.

  • Minimizes Risks: Since packages are handled more frequently with increased stops, freight shippers are encouraged to load their cargo onto sturdy pallets and into durable crates. These protect the shipment from wear, other freight, and loss of individual packages.

  • Service Options: GBT offers many services including notifications, inside pick-up and delivery, lift gate, special handling, and more. 

  • Choosing the right services – and the right team – that a customer will interact with in those last moments of a delivery is a big decision. Whatever your particular white glove service needs may be, it’s important to focus on the needs of your customers first and foremost. After all, in the age of internet retailing, the “customer experience factor” is here to stay. 




  1. When you are shipping to a retailer that has a strict delivery window requirement. Missing these delivery dates and/or times may result in chargeback of around 3% of value of the purchase order.

  2. When you are shipping high-value goods. Remember, expedited shipping has fewer touch points and fewer opportunities for damage and/or theft occur. 



Below  is our area  footprint. Don't see an area on the chart that you are interested in us servicing? Please reach out to inquire about the desired areas!

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